Cardinal vs Cardinal: “They want the war, but I agreed with the Pope!”

cardinal kasper heretic

Cardinal Walter Kasper did not take well the publication of the book “To remain in the truth of Christ” (published by Cantagalli) in which five cardinals, three academics and an archbishop (the Jesuit Curia Cyril Vasil), challenge the thesis presented by him in the course the Extraordinary Consistory of February this year, overture to the Synod of October.

Interviewed by Stampa, the cardinal recalled that that “the main argument is that marriage is a sacrament of God’s grace, which makes the bride and groom a sign of His grace and his ultimate love. But even a Christian can fail and unfortunately many Christian marriages fail “ . The key issue is therefore bear in mind that “God in His faithfulness not drop anyone and in His mercy gives to anyone who wants to convert a new chance. Therefore the Church which is the sacrament that is the sign and instrument of God’s mercy, should be close, help, advise, encourage. A Christian in this situation has a particular need of the grace of the sacraments “ .

 No a second marriage, reiterates, but remember that the Fathers of the Church spoke of a sort of raft to survive after the wreck. Question debated this, since quite a few – including the Jesuit Crouzel, most recently the cardinal Brandmüller and finally Cardinal Scola, they observed that there is no evidence that the early church would behave that way. Crouzel even spoke of “falsehood.” Cardinal Kasper, however, reiterates once again that “the doctrine of the indissolubility of marriage is rooted in the message of Jesus, the Church has no power to change it. This point remains stationary, “ and a second sacramental marriage – on the first spouse is still alive – you can not. But, and here Kasper returns on an issue dear to him, the doctrine must be distinguished from the discipline, that is, from the pastoral. Observes, the theologian former president of the Pontifical Council for dealing with ecumenism, that the doctrine is not a “closed system”. Some time ago he had used the image of “stagnant lagoon.” No, he says, “there is a development in the sense of a deepening possible” . And this is what will be investigated in the synodal assembly.

But it is the morning that the poroporato shows almost outraged by the publication of the book, of which he knew nothing: “The document they sent to journalists, but not me” , even if  already known for some time and output volume is no news since the beginning of summer, when the Ignatius Press also spread the cover of the American edition.  “contest because I say that the base document is against the truth” , but “we are all for the Truth “.

 The authors of the essay “claim to know for themselves what is the truth?!! Catholic doctrine, but it is not a closed system,” but “a living tradition that develops, as taught the Second Vatican Council!! They want to crystallize the Truth in certain formulas “ . Kasper accuses his opponents of wanting a “war doctrine”, as he is of the opposite view: “I do not want DiCerto. I think of a Pastoral Synod” . And that’s what also want to Francesco, he adds: “It ‘s clear. Even the Pope wants a Pastoral Synod” . On the current debate, the German theologian say stunned by the turn that took the comparison, “without style” . Also because ” none of my fellow cardinals has never spoken to me. I, however, twice with the Holy Father. everything I agreed with him, was agreed. They know I did not do these things from me. I agreed with the Pope, I spoke with him twice.


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