Argentina Freak Show. Just in Time for Family Synod, Other Firsts:
– Activists Celebrate Homosexual Catholic “Wedding-like Blessing” — Plus Another “First” in Baptisms

Argentina, the Sun of the Universal Church: the Argentine Church is a freak show that keeps on giving gifts to the Catholic world! In just two days, two unbelievable stories.
Those are two men getting their civil “wedding” “blessed”
Saturday, Sep. 14 – After being barred from “marrying” them, priest “blesses” homosexual “marriage” in a wedding-like public ceremony in Santiago del Estero
(Rorate Caeli) – “Luisa Lucía Paz” is a man from Santiago del Estero, Argentina. A transsexual, he is a high-ranking official in a homosexual-transsexual organization activist organization that was prominent both in the approval of the law on civil same-sex marriage and the law on the change of civil names for transsexuals. After this second law was approved, some years ago, he managed to have his name officially changed to “Luisa Lucía” — he got his new “female” ID from President Cristina Kirchner herself in the first ceremony after the law was changed (source).

He had been in a counternatural relationship with José Coria, and last Friday the entire Argentinian press was beaming with news of their civil “wedding”, which would be followed by a “wedding” on Saturday, Sep. 13, in the Parish Church of the Holy Spirit, in Santiago del Estero. With the public announcement, the Diocesan bishop made a neutral declaration saying that marriages can only happen “between those who are male and female since birth.” The parish priest then arranged a wedding-like blessing that looked like a wedding in all but name, as the images show – report below [“sic” would be so abundant it would make the text unreadable, so use it wherever common sense applies]:
29 years ago, when they had just begun to write their story, Luisa Paz and José Coria would never have imagined that they would be celebrating one of the most important moments of their lives in this way. Undoubtedly, the Same-Sex Marriage Law was the door that opened many paths so that the transsexual community could gain access to rights that had been denied to them for years.
Luisa was the main activist in this struggle, and she lived a special night yesterday, when, together with her husband José, they received the religious blessing in the iglesia Espíritu Santo [the Parish Church of the Holy Spirit in the Diocese of Santiago del Estero] in the Ejército Argentino neighborhood. Father Sergio Lamberti presided over the emotional ceremony in which the trans couple renewed their love and their commitment to be together in life.

This blessing also means a great step and it is important to say that it is the first time that the Catholic Church consents to a celebration of this kind and, despite the fact that it does not correspond to the sacrament of marriage, the priest explained that, “God is no respecter of persons” [reference to Acts 10:34]. The temple was filled with friends, relatives, and authorities who joined the couple, who swore eternal love one more time.

Moreover, he said that, “Jesus is always present in the path that falls upon us to tread, and for this we ask you to renew the commitment to be together, as you have been doing now for 29 years,” the priest remarked. [Source, in Spanish – warning: a distressing image in front of the altar and apse could not be posted, but is available here.]

First Baptism of a Transsexual Couple!!

“Baptism is denied to no one, irrespective of whose child he may be,”* thus begins the conversation with priest Raúl Benedetti de Zan with PERFIL [magazine]. On Friday night, at the Parish Church of Our Lady of Aránzazu, in Victoria, [Province of] Entre Ríos, Benedetti baptized Génesis, the daughter of Karen Bruselario and Alexis Taborda, the first transsexual couple that conceived a child naturally.

Karen (28) was born a male, but now his ID says he is a woman. Alexis (26) was born a female, but he also rectified his document and married “pregnant” at the end of last year.

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