Top 10 Tips for a Happy Francisco!

francis happy

10 Tips for Happiness according to Francis-Bergoglio

Live and let others live. Share family on Sunday and play with the kids. Forget the negative and give to others. These are some of the tips that gives the holy father Francis in his Decalogue to be happy Posted by Pablo Calvo in his interview to the Pontiff for Argentina magazine  Live .

(Zenit) What is the formula for happiness?, Asked the journalist. He explains, “does not dodge the question, and then the Argentine Pope in this timely response and the rest of the talk, are encouraged to try a recipe for being happy.”

1. I lived and live dejá : “Here the Romans might have said and take it like a thread to pull the formula that says, ‘Go ahead and let people go ahead’. I lived and let live is the first step to peace and happiness. “

2. Join others : “If you stagnate, you run the risk of being selfish. And standing water is the first to be corrupted. “

3. Moving remansadamente : “In Don Segundo Sombra is a very beautiful thing, someone who rereads his life. The protagonist. Young says he was a rocky stream that had everything ahead; Adult that was a river that walked forward and in old age he was moving, but slowly dammed. I would use this poet and novelist Georges Braque image, that last adjective, dammed. The ability to move with benevolence and humility, the haven of life. The elderly have the wisdom, are the memory of a people. And a people who do not care for their elderly has no future. “

4. Playing with the boys : “Consumerism took us to the anxiety of losing healthy leisure culture, read, enjoy art. Now confess little, but in Buenos Aires confessed lot and when a young mother came asked: ‘How many children do you have? You play with your children?? ‘And it was a question that was not expected, but I told him to play with the kids is key, is a healthy culture. It is difficult, parents are going back to work early and sometimes when their children sleep is difficult, but we must do it. “

5. Share with family on Sunday : “The other day, in Campobasso, I went to a meeting between the world of college and the working world, all claiming nonworking Sunday. Sunday is family. “

6. Helping young people to find employment : “You have to be creative with this strip. If missing opportunities fall into drugs. And the suicide rate among young unemployed is very high. The other day I read, but I do not trust because it is not a scientific fact, which had 75 million young people below 25 years for the unemployed. Not enough to feed them: we must inventarles year courses plumber, electrician, sewing. Dignity gives you the carrying home the bacon. “

7. Caring for nature : “You have to care for creation and we are not doing. It is one of the biggest challenges we have. “

8. Forgetting fast the negative : “The need to speak ill of another indicates low self-esteem, i.e: I feel so down instead of up, under the other. Forget the negative fast it is healthy. “

9. Respect those who think differently : “We can worry the other from the testimony, that both progress in this communication, but the worst is that there may be religious proselytizing, which paralyzes ‘I convince you to dialogue’, no. Each dialogue from his identity. The Church grows by attraction, not proselytism. “

10. Actively seek peace : “We are living in a time of great war. Tribal wars in Africa seem, but are something else. War destroys. And the clamor for peace, one must scream. Peace sometimes gives the idea of stillness, but it is never quiet, always an active peace. “

Top 10 Tips for a Happy Francisco

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