Sec. of World Evangelical Alliance: It’s obvious the Pope’s ‘personal sense of following Christ was high on his priorites.’ I suspect he’s a ‘devotional person!?!!

heresy robert bellarmine

No need to wonder why the world is praising the Bishop of Rome Jorge Bergoglio, he insults his own but has only high praise and apologies for heretical sects!!! It is a shame he does not show the same compassion towards his own. The very persecuted Religious Order the FFI and All Traditional Religious Orders  will only continue to suffer, under the New World Pope Francis Bergoglio. Miserere nobis!

Evangelicals Praise Pope Francis’ Promotion of the Gospel

As Pope Francis visits a evangelical Protestant church in Italy today and is expected to offer an apology for the sins of Catholics, evangelical leaders in the United States who met him recently have praised him for promoting deeper understanding between Christians and focus on having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Pope Francis is set to  preach at the Evangelical Church of Reconciliation in Caserta, a church about 130 miles south of Rome, which is run by pastor Giovanni Traettino, whom he knew from Buenos Aires,.

After the visit was announced, Brian Stiller, global ambassador for the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA), revealed on his blog that the Holy Father had privately informed them during a meeting in late June organized by the late Evangelical bishop Tony Palmer with evangelical leaders at the Vatican, that he was going to make this visit and why.

“He listened and then told a remarkable story,” Stiller recounted. “In his years in and out of Rome, he became friends with an Italian pastor. In time he came to learn that the church and pastor felt the power and presence of the Catholic Church, with its weighty presence, obstructing their desire to grow and be a witness. So he decided to visit the church and offer an apology for the difficulty brought to their congregation.”

James Robison, a founding pastor and televangelist with his wife Betty of the LIFE Outreach International, was there as well. He told the Register he believed the Pope wanted to correct and see healing for the wrongs treated against any person.

“He thinks there was reason to apologize to this group, and I clearly got the impression [he seeks to apologize] to Evangelicals and Protestants in other parts of the world where Catholics had in any way been unkind [to them],” he said.

Robison said he and the others went back and forth with the Pope through a translator. He emphasized that they communicated to the Pope that they are encouraging fellow Christians to build Christ-filled relationships with Catholics.

“One of the things that we try to do, and I think the Pope appreciated that, is to stop the unkind attacks from Protestants on Catholics, and really seek understanding,” he said.

Robison added, “Both sides still need to learn, both sides have repentance to do to answer for their very un-Christlike attitude toward one another.”

“We need understanding of the times like the men of Issachar under King David, and in order to do that we need to have a better understanding of one another.”

Rev. Geoff Tunnicliffe, secretary general and CEO of the WEA, said opportunity to spend personal time with Pope Francis was helpful.

Personal Relationship With Jesus

Part of the evangelical leaders’ discussion with Pope Francis emphasized the need for all Christians to develop a deep personal relationship with Jesus Christ. “It was obvious in his language that his personal sense of following Christ was high on his priorities,” Tunnicliffe said. “I’ve always suspected that he was a devotional person?!”

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