“Private visit” of Pope Francis in Evangelical Church

 Francis and Pastor Traettino

 Pope Francis and Pastor Traettino  (Photo)

 (Rome) Pope Francis wants to pay a private visit to an evangelical friend. Giovanni Traettino lives in Caserta, about 200 kilometers south of Rome, right behind Naples, where it is evangelical pastor. The two first met at an ecumenical meeting in Buenos Aires in 2006.

Pope Francis continues its efforts to charismatic Protestants. The Catholic Church leader receives the most attention in the context of his ecumenical efforts. With the official Protestant communities, the Lutherans, Calvinists and Anglicans Pope Francis maintains friendly, institutional contacts. Significantly different are his contacts with the large charismatic Pentecostal movement, which in its various shades today worldwide. 

 francis cardinal bergoglio protestant pastors pray over him

Evangelical pastors pray over the kneeling Cardinal Bergoglio (photo)

Trailer than the historic communities of the Reformation.The Pew Forum estimated in 2011 the proportion of Pentecostals among all Christians to 12.5 percent. The lion’s share of lives in sub-Saharan Africa, the Americas and Asia. In this Christian direction and in these parts of the world, the Catholic Church leader seems to see the most promising opportunities on a unit.

This past June 19th Pastor Traettino was received by the Pope in the Vatican

Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi stressed that it is during a visit to a “purely private” event. Pastor Traettino wants Pope Francis in his evangelical church of reconciliation welcome, whose founder and chairman he is. The 70-year Traettino was baptized Catholic, but was not practicing. “For Christ converted” it was American Baptist missionaries. In 1968 his “ordination” as a pastor. The former Italian teacher is married and the father of four children. His supporters describe him as “apostles.”

Irritating images from Buenos Aires

Giovanni Traettino

Giovanni Traettino (photo)

This past June 19 Traettino was received during the annual Pentecost meeting of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in common with other evangelical pastors of Pope Francis. The reception took place in the guest house Santa Marta. Traettinos contact to Argentina is the evangelical preacher Omar Cabrera. About this he met in 2006 at a charismatic prayer meeting in Buenos Aires then archbishop of the city, Jorge Mario Bergoglio know. From that prayer meeting the irritating image that Cardinal Bergoglio shows how he kneels on the stage in front of evangelical pastors who pray over him comes from (see figure). One of the pastors was Giovanni Traettino.On the video (at the end of the article) Traettino is left to see from minute 3:14 to 3:20 and 3:56 to 4:16 in the picture, as he hung up Bergoglio hand.

From the same event comes another irritating photo that Cardinal Bergoglio shows how he puts his head on the shoulder of an evangelical preacher, praying over him (see image). Both pictures were taken at the “Tercer Encuentro de la Fraterno Comunión Renovada de Evangélicos y Catolicos” on 19 June 2006 at the Luna Park Stadium in Buenos Aires.

Pope Francis on Facebook: “Have you prayed together and wanted the unit”

“We are expected to be received at the entrance of a prelate. All the greater was our surprise when we came to meet the Pope in person. The hug and smile were the prelude of an encounter that described the Pope as ‘meaningful’ “And again:”. It was an informal, very fraternal conversation “. With these words Traettino described the meeting on Facebook.

The private meeting between the Pope and the pastors were not included on the official list of the Vatican audience. It became known only because on the Facebook page of Pope Francis of him following entry has been published: “There are divisions between us, but there are also divisions between communities: Protestant Christians, Orthodox Christians, Catholic Christians. But why separate? We must try to bring unity. I’ll tell you one thing: today before I went out of the house, I was 40 minutes by a Protestant pastor and together we prayed together and wanted the unit. We need to pray for us Catholics and also with other Christians. Pray that the Lord gives us the unit. The unity between us. Good night! ”

Traettinos evangelical charismatic Free Church

bergoglio  Cardinal Bergoglio and an evangelical preacher

Cardinal Bergoglio and an evangelical preacher (photo)

The evangelical-charismatic community Traettinos goes back to the 70s of the last century. Back then joined on the basis of a common charismatic orientation Protestants of different directions together. The group was called at that time “Christian community”. Caserta became the center of the new denomination, which has in various Italian cities offices. Traettino describes himself as a “pioneer” of ecumenical dialogue with the Catholic charismatics. The pastor regularly attends the great Pentecost meeting of the Catholic Charismatics part of Italy (nello Spirito Renewal, RnS). Last June, a Pope was there for the first time with Francis.

Mea culpa Catholic because of “persecution” of Pentecostalism


1992 washed Traettino the Whitsun meeting, which took place at that time in Bari, a leading representative of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal feet. Matteo Calisi, then chairman of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal RnS said in an interview: “With this gesture at the stadium in Bari it was when would forgive their persecutors the Protestant world.”1996 was a mea culpa spoken at Pentecost meeting, this time in Rimini, representatives of the Catholic Charismatics and the present Catholic bishops and cardinals, with whom she apologized for the “persecution” of the Pentecostal movement in Italy. Traettino and other Protestant pastors accepted the apology by letting him kiss her feet.

A little later repeated Father Cantalamessa on Italian television, the request for forgiveness and stated that the Pentecostals are not a sect, but “brothers in Christ”. The Capuchin Cantalamessa is the Pontifical Household preacher and a major representative of the Catholic charismatics.

The private visit to Caserta will take place with “high probability” this coming July 26. Because of the private nature of the Diocese of Caserta was not involved in the visit, the Vatican spokesman Lombardi.



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