Bergoglio’s Health: There are reasons for concern ‘ for his health???


Comment by Tornielli: Its agenda is the thick of a shepherd who, heedless of age, you spend way down. Occasionally his body reminds him that he is no longer a 30 year old

The Pope’s health is a matter of principle in the spotlight. As water has passed under the bridge since every ailment, even very serious, was denied or at least minimized due to the fact that the tenant dressed in white stood locked in his palaces: Even though a large part of the daily life of the Popes takes place in the spotlight every appointment deleted becomes cause for alarm and concern fueling the disparate voices. So how is the Pope? He had to go to the Policlinico Gemelli, celebrate outdoors at 16 with a sun in Rome yesterday broke the stones, in the hottest time of the day, but at the last moment, with the Popemobile already running engine, Francis has given package. Not this is the first time it happens and the recurrence of these episodes also helps raise questions and speculations. 

Father Federico Lombardi announced today that tomorrow and the commitments of the Pope are all confirmed – including the celebration of the Mass in St. Peter’s for the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul, the patron saints of Rome – and added that “there are reasons for concern ‘ for his health. In fact yesterday afternoon if something serious had happened, instead of staying away in the Vatican to the Gemelli Francis would go on the run, but as a patient. ‘s worth remembering that, because of the celebration of the morning Mass in Santa Marta with fifty of the faithful and the camera of the Vatican Television Center, Papa Better World is monitored on a daily basis was not the case even with his immediate predecessors, who may have had influenza-like illness, moments of fatigue and ailments of which no one has ever heard about. Certainly at the beginning Francis is tired of the summer: the year that he lived was not intense, it was a tour de force of hearings, meetings, messages, celebrations and trips that would have sapped anyone (just ask the staff and forced to follow such visits to the Roman parishes to know how tiring they are). What awaits you, from meetings for the reform of the Curia to travel in Korea in August, during the hot season and wet in that country, is not insignificant. In addition, Bergoglio habit makes no holidays. Its agenda is very thick of a shepherd who, heedless of age – 77 years old – you spend all the way, without being able to say no to those who want to meet him or invited him. Occasionally his body reminds him that he no longer has thirty years.

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