If you ever read my article ‘The 5 Reasons I Never Celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day‘, then you must know how greatly I was scandalized when I saw a portrait of him in front of the ambo in the holy sanctuary of a Catholic Church on the Feast of Corpus Christi. And it was very disappointing to me really, because I was invited to this Church; I enjoyed the atmosphere; I had a prayerful celebration of the Mass; I was very pleased with Father’s homily, but I kept getting distracted by that photo . . .

I didn’t want to believe it was a portrait Martin Luther King Jr. I mean, I had every reason to believe it was, being that I was at a predominately Black Catholic Church, I also had every reason to believe it was not, being that I had never seen a portrait or an icon of anyone who was not a Catholic saint in the holiest space of a Catholic Church. 

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