Cardinal Christoph Schönborn from Austria Speaks about Eurovision’s Conchita Wurst


What Cardinal Christoph Schönborn from Austria just posted on his Facebook page!!!

A Heretic Speaks…

It says so on the first page of the Bible: “God created man in his image… Male and female created he them.” What a wonderful idea of God! It would be as dreary and boring, there was loud only men or only women in this world! Life is really alive through the mutual attraction between men and women. The addition of the sexes is how delicious and precious! It wasn’t for us all, had not a man and a woman through an act of love, which hopefully really was an act of love, begotten us and received and given us life.

As we all know, there is a diversity in the garden of God. Not all those who were born male beings, feel as a man, and also on the female side. To earn the respect that we all have a right to, as people. I’m happy for Thomas Neuwirth sausage* having such success with his performance as Conchita. I wish him success and pray for God’s blessings for his life for him.

* Wurst means sausage
Heretic Newcardinal Christoph Schönborn’s facebook page –


Parade for Eurovision’s Conchita Wurst banned by Russian officials


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