Van De Sfroos to Mozart, from Jack all’Innominato here is “the unprecedented spectacle of love that consumes us


It was years since I could not see a show like this, able to perceive that Christianity is not something boring, sad, gloomy, “priests,” but an event handsome, rich and exciting. Forty thousand people have packed yesterday evening Piazza Duomo in Milan responding to the invitation of Cardinal Angelo Scola, who exposed the Cross with the relic of the Holy Nail.

milan-duomo-show-downs-jamesNAIL AND THE Brico. And maybe, as he said the comedian James Poretti ( here the video of the show ) during his speech, many people think that “the nail that is not true but it was bought at Brico” but has never seen that a nail Brico busted something. In the background the facade of the Duomo, for two hours old, and young children listened in silence pieces of classical music performed by an orchestra mail ad-hoc in the churchyard.
‘s short words of Gemma Capra, the widow of the commissioner Luigi Calabresi, they did reflect on the mystery of forgiveness, as powerful as the conversion of the readings from The Betrothed by Alessandro Manzoni on the mystery of mercy and walk poignant interview with Maria Giovanni Testori on the mystery of Jesus’ love for men.

milan-duomo-show cross-MOZART AND VAN DE Sfroos. yesterday who heard Van De Sfroos sing the lullaby of the smuggler or James talk about his relationship with Madonna from the top of the Duomo dominates Milan, making tears to my eyes (laughing) to the participants, or the orchestra perform Schubert’s Ave Maria and Ave Verum Corpus Mozart understood without needing a degree in theology the words spoken by Archbishop Scola: “As the crowd of two thousand years ago, we came to see the ‘ unprecedented show of love that consumes us “:” The Cross, physically represented to us by the Holy Relic of the nail that pierced hands of Jesus. “

THE REAL STAR. The show lasted two hours and everything was done well without smudging: the musicians were good, the singers were good, the actors were good and even though they were all “one man show” no one tried to steal the show at the protagonist , the cross that stood in the center of the churchyard. Even the cardinal, who first to recite the Creed and singing the Regina Coeli, said: “In this river of grace that the Christian story is we are the last link in the unbroken chain of generations. Everyone bring this beauty in ordinary life: at home, at work, in moments of rest. “

Leggi di Più(video): Source


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