Indiana Catholic priest describes exorcism and famous St. Louis case from 1949


“The Devil Hates Latin!”

A gripping account of demonic possession in Gary, Indiana has been making headlines all of the world this week. A mother and three young children claim they were terrorized by unclean spirits and describe horrific accounts of paranormal events in their home and at a nearby hospital. Many of the most terrifying details have been verified by other witnesses, according to an account

first reported by theIndianapolis Star and USA Today.

Family members say a 12-year-old girl levitated above her bed and other witnesses say her 9-year-old brother walked backwards up a hospital wall in the presence of a social worker and a psychologist.

The ordeal finally ended after a Catholic priest performed the ancient ritual of exorcism on the children’s mother.

Fr. Michael Maginot described the three day process and explained how the famous 1949 exorcism in St. Louis served as a roadmap.

“Every priest is aware of the St. Louis case,” Fr. Maginot told NewsChannel 5.

The St. Louis exorcism inspired the book, “The Exorcist”, by William Peter Blatty and, later, the iconic horror movie starring Linda Blair.

Jesuits recorded that ordeal in a chilling 29-page diary kept by Fr. Raymond Bishop.

Unlike the 1949 St. Louis exorcism which went on for months, the events in Gary, Indiana ended after three exorcisms performed on consecutive Fridays in June of 2012.

After receiving permission from the Bishop in the Diocese of Gary, Indiana, Fr. Maginot performed the rites at his church.
“The first two exorcisms were done in English,” Fr. Maginot explained.

“The final ritual was done in Latin,” he continued. “You try everything you know, you see which things get a rise out of it, the entity, and you find the things that get a reaction and then you do that over and over.”

Maginot says the woman experienced violent convulsions when he would condemn the devil in Latin. The woman did not know Latin, which led Fr. Maginot to believe this was an authentic case of diabolical possession.

Fr. Maginot, who studied theology at the Pontifical North American College in Rome, spoke freely and matter-of-factly about the experience.

He says the woman and her children have since moved from the home and have not had any unexplained re-occurences since.
Fr. Maginot insists the evil spirits are real, but not anything we should be in constant fear of.

“If you have faith, you are stronger than the demons,” he told NewsChannel 5. “It’s not even a fair fight.”

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