Michael Voris hits THE nerve

With all the politics aside, I was outraged how a Catholic Priest (Longenecker), in a public forum could actually ask the Horrid question, “do we need Michael Voris”. Fr. Longnecker was clearly out of line and should publicly apologize, what a horrible thing to say. I tried to post a comment on Fr. Longenecker’s blog in defense of Michael Voris but they didn’t publish it. I guess he can dish out the criticism but cannot take it. It is one thing to be criticized from Protestants or other faiths , but when it comes from your own, it is very sad indeed!!

A Blog for Dallas Area Catholics

I am breaking my usual rule not to blog during weekend/family time to address this most critical subject. It touches on the most critical aspect of the crisis in the Faith – the collapse in episcopal leadership over the past 50 years, which was spurred by, but has also enormously advanced, the modernist/progressivist revolution against the Church.

I saw while on vacation that Catholic Answers, after insulting some of their potential supporters with their repeated attacks on traditional or “radical traditional” Catholics, is hurting for money.  Their begging for more donations seemed to have been the tiny crack that caused the dam of critical sentiment against Catholic Answers to burst.  I was surprised by the reaction – it was stronger than I would have expected.  I think we’re seeing a preference cascade among pious Catholics, away from Catholic Answers. I will state, from my own experience, I have rarely used Catholic Answers…

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